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  • GHL Mitras Articulating Mount For LX6 & LX7 Series LED's


    GHL Mitras 3" Drop Articulating Mount for the Mitras LX6xxx and LX7xxx series lights. Designed for canopy and light rack mounting and allows for full articulation of the light to aid in eliminating shadowing while maximizing coverage. Includes articulating mount, stainless steel bracket to adapt to the Mitras as well as screws and spaces to attach the assembly to the Mitras. Spacer are included to insure that the fans on the GHL Mitras LX7's are not restricted.  See photos for everything that is included in the kit. You will need to supply two screws to attach the base of the mount to your canopy or light rack. Because of different mounting surfaces such as wood or metal and differences in material thickness from one canopy to the next or one light rack to the next, we don't supply those screws.    

    $5 flat rate shipping per orders in the US.